School Healthy Vending Machines


The Fresh & Healthy School Vending Program:

Our Mission is simple;  make healthy food and education more convenient through the placement of high tech healthy vending machines in schools across the nation.

The Fresh & Healthy School Vending Program has been introduced to ensure students of all ages have the opportunity to purchase Natural and Organic products through convenient and state of the art vending systems.

In ordeusdar to ensure that there is healthier food on school campuses, the government is proposing new standards on school snacks.

The USDA has released long-awaited guidelines for foods sold in school vending machines, snack carts and school stores. These guidelines will cover any snack item, side item or beverage sold outside of the National School Lunch or School Breakfast Programs.

View the Smart Snacks in School Guidelines.

The Fresh & Healthy School Vending Program offers over 1,000 Natural and Organic snacks that meet and exceed the USDA Nutrition Guidelines.


We at Fresh & Healthy Vending are excited to see these federal guidelines moving forward, putting the nutrition of all foods and beverages in school buildings on a level playing field. The choices students have access to through vending, snack carts and school stores should mirror the nutritious choices they see in the cafeteria line to promote healthy eating in all corners of the school building.

It’s our vision to make healthy food more convenient than junk food.

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