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Community centers and childcare suppliers alike take on huge responsibility in shaping the way children eat, exercise, play and live. With 15 percent of preschool children receiving primary care from relatives, most preschoolers are placed in center-based care (e.g., child-care centers and preschools) or a family child-care home. As of today, regulations regarding nutrition and physical activity practices in these settings are extremely limited and vary widely among and within U.S. states.

The Fresh and Healthy Vending for Community Centers Program offers the following benefits;

  • Our dedicated healthy vending ambassadors across the nation will now be providing children and adults with convenient access to various forms of education.
  • Our dedicated healthy vending ambassadors will be providing access to over 2,000 nutritious, natural, organic, healthy and most importantly tasty foods and beverages through our state of the art, high tech healthy vending machines.
  • These same ambassadors will provide each community center with product sampling events. Our goal is to prove that our healthy products are as tasty as the traditional unhealthy products most are used to.
  • Our healthy vending machines are energy savers compared to traditional vending equipment. We care about the environment and your member’s health.
  • We are willing to offer each qualified community center $250 incentive to sign up for our program along with 15% of the monthly sales. This program was designed as a profit center for community centers as well as a health center for members.

Fresh Healthy Vending currently has over 400 healthy vending machines in YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs and Jewish Community Centers. We are the market leader in healthy vending with more machines in community centers then any other company. Join the fight against junk food and sign up today.

  • Maximize Profits
  • Put Members Health First
  • Improve Member Performance
  • Consume Less Energy
  • Eliminate Theft From Behind The Counter
  • New Vending Technology
  • Earn $250 Just For Signing
  • Earn Ongoing Monthly Commissions

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