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A Healthy Future for Your Community Starts with You

It has become socially acceptable in American society not only for junk food to be available everywhere we turn, but for it to be the only option we have. With today’s popular and convenient foods and beverages loaded with sodium, sugar, fat, and preservatives, it does not come as a surprise that our younger generations are on track to be the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Incredibly, 12.5 million American children are considered overweight while the current health care costs stemming from obesity related issues – a staggering $147 billion – are predicted to more than double by 2018.

This is simply unacceptable. National efforts like Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign ( and Alliance for a Healthier Generation are pushing at the grassroots level to get our kids to be more active and to eat healthy foods. The Fresh and Healthy Vending Initiative is pushing for a healthier generation by revolutionizing the way kids snack. We believe that it is simply unacceptable that kids do not have the option to choose a healthy snack over junk food.

If you are ready to say “no!” to an unhealthy future for your community, it’s time to make a change. Whether you are a wellness coordinator or human resources director, head of the PTA or a school administrator, volunteer or community program director, you are the one who can do something about this problem.

Provide Healthy Choices Effortlessly

The Fresh and Healthy Vending initiative offers a turnkey solution that makes providing healthy food in your schools, offices, and community organizations virtually effortless. Not only is participation in the program completely FREE, but your location will be offered the following:

  • Free Fresh Healthy Vending machines to make fresh, healthy, and natural snacks and drinks conveniently available at your location.
  • 500 healthy, natural, AFFORDABLE products to choose from, all from popular, trusted brands. For the first time in vending, product selection includes yogurts, smoothies, and other perishables!
  • FREE and non-disruptive delivery, installation, and maintenance by trained professional Health and Wellness Ambassadors.
  • Real-time online reporting feature in every machine that informs your Health and Wellness Ambassadors when products need to be replaced or if a service call is required.
  • FREE product sampling events so your staff, customers, or students can taste the products before they buy.
  • Monthly profit sharing that gives back to your location and can be used toward can be used toward school programs, workplace wellness plans, or health and wellness initiatives.
  • Generous liability insurance coverage on every machine, eliminating the need for additional budgeting by your location.

Give students, employees, customers, or patrons the choice of good health with vending machines full of nutritious, natural snacks and drinks—not more junk food!

Take a stand against an unhealthy future for your community today. Simply fill out the form to the left and let us know a little about yourself and the potential vending location. We’ll arrange for a Community Wellness Ambassador to contact you with more information.

Click here to download our Location Agreement.

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