How much does this Healthy Vending program cost?

This program is FREE. Your location hosts the machine – the machine is owned by the local
Fresh Vending Ambassador who implements all the service required. These “Ambassadors” are trained, uniformed professionals.

What kinds of products do FHV machines vend?

Fresh Healthy Vending machines offer products that are recognizable and customized to each participating location, whether an office, shopping mall, health club, or school. With over 500 different products to choose from we have developed specialized menus for each locations category.

What commission can I expect each month?

Fresh Healthy Vending’s local Vending Ambassadors will provide your location with a detailed report of the prior month’s sales at the end of each month. They will also include a check for the negotiated amount. In most cases we are prepared to offer 15% of the net profits generated from the machines; however, in some rare cases we can negotiate various alternatives.

What if our location is under a competing vending contract?

Fresh Healthy Vending is all about choice. Our machines go side by side with other (not so healthy) vending machines all the time. Most contracts are written specifically to disparage competition. However, we have developed specialized menus to bypass these contracts. To find out more about whether you can allow a Healthy Vending machine please contact your Fresh & Healthy representative.

We have a large percentage of students on the Federal Free Lunch Program. What if vending violates our guidelines?

All Fresh Healthy Vending machines come equipped with “timers” which locks down the machine at specified times/durations based on your school’s policies.

Does the Fresh Healthy Vending machine meet and exceed all the nutritional guidelines?

Our in-house Products Department works closely with Nutrition Directors to ensure all products placed in the machines meet and/or exceed nutrition guidelines. Fresh Healthy Vending has worked side by side with organizations such as Alliance for a Healthier Generation to collaborate specialized menus for schools participating in the program. We cater to every state’s guidelines.

What are the prices of items?

Our range of products sells between $0.75 and $3.00, depending on the product type. Example: Water $0.75 and packages Thai Organic Microwave Noodles $3.00. We have machines placed all over the country in a wide assortment of locations and understand what an acceptable price range is in each. To find out more about our products and pricing, be sure to request a catalogue from your Fresh & Healthy representative.

Once I sign up for the program, when will the FHV machines be delivered?

The lead-time for machine delivery averages between 6-8 weeks depending on various factors. In the weeks prior to delivery, Fresh Healthy Vending will send you information on products, delivery and installation procedures, and a checklist to ensure the installation goes smoothly without disrupting your business/school.

What happens if the machine takes the money but doesn’t vend?

FHV machines are equipped with “Sure Vend” technology. Should a customer make a purchase but the product doesn’t fall, two sensors are triggered. The machine will attempt to spin the coil two additional times. If product still does not fall, the machine display will advise the customer to make another selection or press the cash return button for an immediate refund. This prevents the need for the location to issue any out-of-pocket refunds.

What happens if there is spoilage?

FHV machines are state-of-the-art and linked to a satellite. That satellite will send a signal to our local ambassador’s smart phone informing him of the need to re-stock or if an item is approaching its expiration date.

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