Healthy Vending Has Arrived

Say No To JUNK Food


Our goal is to inspire children and adults alike to choose healthy food over junk food, but that very important choice can only be made if it’s available. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide communities across the country with state-of-the-art vending machines that are stocked with only healthy, delicious, natural foods. We understand that old habits die hard, but we plan on placing a healthy machine next to every junk machine in an effort to give consumers the choice they deserve.


Already, Fresh Healthy Vending has over 100 franchisees in 47 states providing state-of-the-art vending machines with 100% fresh, healthy, and natural snacks and drinks, and the Fresh family is growing each day.

It is time to take a stand against poor eating habits, one of the leading contributors to the obesity epidemic in America. We can all make a difference – why not start now?


Fresh Healthy Vending machines are in over 1,000 locations nationwide. You can find our machines in schools, workplaces, gyms, rec centers, and retail locations.

Do you want a Fresh Healthy Vending machine for your location?


Healthier employees are happier in their daily lives and more productive at work. They suffer less illnesses and medical problems. Having a Fresh Healthy Vending snack machine or a Fresh Healthy Vending Café at your office allows employees to make healthy choices at the touch of a button. Visit our corporations section to learn more about putting a Healthy Vending machine at your office.


Fresh Healthy Vending machines offer kids the opportunity to choose healthy snacks over junk food. By putting a Fresh Healthy Vending snack machine at your school, you are empowering kids to make good choices and create healthy eating habits that will last through their entire lives. Visit our schools section to learn more about obtaining a machine for your school.

Gyms and Rec Centers

After a grueling workout, it’s easy to reach for the nearest bag of fat-laden chips or a high calorie candy bar. Fresh Healthy Vending snack machines offer convenient, satisfying, nutritious snacks that will leave your clients and visitors feeling rejuvenated. To learn more about getting a Fresh Healthy Vending machine for your gym or rec center, visit our gyms and rec centers section.

Other Locations

Not a school, corporation, or gym/rec center? Don’t worry! Fresh Healthy Vending machines can be placed in retail locations, medical facilities, libraries, community centers, museums, shopping malls, and more. Contact us to discuss obtaining a healthy vending machine for your location.

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