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Help cure the obesity epidemic with healthy snacks at the touch of a button.

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Create a healthy work environment, increase employee productivity, and support corporate wellness.

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Offer healthy snack and drink alternatives and become a health advocate for your community.

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Healthy Vending Has Arrived!

The Fresh and Healthy Vending Initiative was founded to help communities fight the junk food epidemic that overwhelms our nation. Vending machine snacks and beverages constitute a significant portion of the average American’s diet. Whether we are at school, work, or out in our community, the convenience of quick and affordable sustenance through traditional vending is almost always at our fingertips, and our dependence on it has increased in recent years.

Fresh Healthy Vending, the nation’s leading Healthy Vending Company has dedicated $1,000,000 in grant funds to provide incentive to locations that choose to take the healthy option when it comes to vending.


  • More than 500 schools and colleges
  • Over $300,000 in incentives donated
  • 230,000 empowered humans
  • More than 2,300 healthy vending machines and counting

Healthy choices don’t have to be inconvenient. Fresh Healthy Vending is on a mission to offer healthy, natural alternatives to junk food, all at the touch of a button. By putting a Fresh Healthy Vending Machine in your school, community center or business, you offer people the opportunity to make a healthy choice just as easily as they would make an unhealthy one.

Fresh Healthy Vending is fighting the obesity epidemic one healthy, delicious, convenient snack at a time.

Obese & Overweight Children are at Risk for Serious Health
Diabetes on the rise:The rise in childhood obesity is linked to a dramatic rise in the number of children that are suffering from type 2 diabetes. 
We need to fix this!
Higher risk of asthma: There may be a link between the rise in childhood obesity and the rise in childhood asthma. Extra weight can make it harder to breathe and can inflame the respiratory tract. Children with serious asthma are more likely to be overweight. This should not be happening!
Increased risk of heart failure: Being overweight or out of shape makes the heart work harder. Overweight children are more likely to grow up to be overweight adults and more likely to develop heart problems.We can stop this!
Access to Healthy Food and Physical Activity is Disappearing 
Poor nutrition: Only about 20 percent of high school seniors report eating fruit and green vegetables five or more times a day. 
C’mon! Lets change the diet forever!
Unregulated nutrition: Foods offered in school vending machines are often of little nutritional value and can be loaded with fats, sugars, salt and calories.Hello Healthy Vending!
Less physical education: 92% of elementary schools do not have daily physical education classes year-round. Unacceptable!
Skyrocketing diabetes risk:African American and Hispanic children are developing type 2 diabetes at much higher rates than their Caucasian peers. Almost half are at risk of developing diabetes.We can help make this a statistic of the past!

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